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October 15, 2005: The game has ended, but we hope you will enjoy our character epilogues and memories from players and fans.



- This is a rated R journal! Almost anything goes, as long as it's in character! Which means, no one is going to have any special powers, no Mary-Sues, etc.

- Because of the rating, all players must be 16 years of age to join this game. No exceptions.

- Regarding sexual content, there will be some... if not a lot... so please be advised.... Don't like that, well, then this game is not for you!

- We are allowing limited slash (male-male or female-female pairings). These pairings must be approved by the mods prior to its implementation in the game. We also ask that if you do pursue another character that you have their player's permission first and they MUST agree to be in the relationship!

- All major plots must be approved by the mods and must be e-mailed to us before its appearance in the game.

- No flaming! If you decide you don't like something, please say something... we'll be partial about it... We'll work out it out with you... But we're not children here, so please no temper tantrums, okay?

- You must post at least once every two weeks on babysit (unless prior notice was provided to the mods). stoneybrook_ct is only to assist in rp-ing a scene or posting IM-formatted scenes with other players and does not count as a post for babysit.

- Canon: Please stick with the original series of books, not the movie! We are not following plots from Friends Forever. We would prefer to stay canon as possible. Also, to be considered in this game, you must have the word muggle (def: a non-magical person, usually in the Harry Potter series) within the description of the character you are applying for.

- We are allowing each player to play a maximum of three characters, but players must be active in the game for at least one month before applying for the second character. To apply for a third character, players must be active in the game for at least one year. A person can only play one (original) BSC member!

- Limit the interaction between your own characters if you are playing more than one.

- If at any time you decide to drop your character, you cannot apply for another character until your original one has been picked up. We also ask that you return the original journal, so that the new player can use it for the game.

- Adlibbing is permitted for all non-player characters (npc), but we do ask you to keep this to a minimum and all players that are involved with the characters must agree to the portrayal of that npc. (This is to help the future players of those characters as well.)

- Do not adlib played characters. It's quite disrespectful!

- Please proofread and spell check any posts and comments you make (particularly in babysit, stoneybrook_ct, and characters' personal journals). To spell check a post, use the "spell check" button at the bottom of the "update journal" screen. For comments, there is a "preview before posting" option. Help us to have a high-quality game by reviewing your work and making the recommended changes as necessary.

- If you need icons, just let us know... please don't use anyone that someone else is already using.

Following the game or any of our sibling games (look below)?

Share your thoughts, comments, concerns in one of the following community - babysit_fans for babysit or friendship_ring for all the games! All players involved are listening! :) It's an open community to gather all the fans in one place to chat and get to know one another!

Any character who is at least 14 years old or in the ninth grade as of the 2004-05 school year (nine years old or in third grade in the books) and was at least mentioned once in the original series

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Characters on Sabbatical


Disclaimer: Ann M. Martin, the creator and writer of the Baby-Sitters Club, and Scholastic Publishing Company have sole property to all BSC content. This is simply a role playing game based on their characters!

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