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October 2005
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sporty_abby [userpic]

Well kids, it finally happened. I PLAYED in a game! And I was awesome! Even though I was a fullback at home, I'm playing midfielder here, so no scoring today--but I did get two assists.

Woo! Finally!

Sunny Winslow [userpic]

Come help me celebrate my new apartment!

Who: Anyone who asks
What: An apartment warming party! (I'll use any excuse for a party!)
When: Sunday, September 18, 2005, 3 p.m. until ???
Where: Ask, because I'm not posting my address up here!

Other info: Please bring a snack. Chips, or cookies, or soda or something. Oh, yes, it's also BYOB.

danithesurvivor [userpic]

Wow... So... Guess who's back?? Surprised to hear from me? Heehee, me too.

So I know Adam and Vanessa have been great at keeping you guys up-to-date, but here I am, in person, ready to reassure you that yes, I am alive and while not necessarily well, I'm doing pretty good.

I've officially told Stoneybrook General goodbye-again-and am now staying at the Ronald McDonald house on outpatient care. Which bites cause it's still not home, but hey! Look who gets internet access? And room for more visitors. Let's face it, the same four or five faces get old except Adam's so I hope you guys will all come see me now. My doctor said things are looking up as far as my blood work goes, but he definitely wants another couple of weeks of chemo before I can go home. UGH!

So anyway, just letting you guys know that if you e-mail me now...HA! I can actually check it. Yay me!!

Love and miss you all,

Music: Harder to Breathe-Maroon 5
nyc_laine [userpic]

Things are compleltey insane over here...
full courseload..Juliet and working?
need to relax..heck i need time to relax..
anyone else as busy as I am?

Mood: busybusy
Sunny Winslow [userpic]

School's been in for a few weeks now, and I'm enjoying this semester. The teachers seem different that they did at CSUN, but that's okay - it's a good difference. I like it. I like being challeneged and all that other good, cliche crab. My classes are as follows:

Macroeconomics (with Stacey, yay!)
Human Biology / Lab
Math Analysis for Business Majors
Women's History
Modern Dance

16 units. And I'm doing some math tutoring as well, so if anyone needs any help: Call me! 555-KL82. I'm not cheap, but I'm worth every penny.

And before I sign off, I need some advice. If you liked someone, and had a really great date with them, but they haven't called or anything, what would you do?

Mood: confusedconfused
Music: Typing in the library
Mary Anne Spier [userpic]

I have an hour until my next class and I thought I'd post to see how everyone is doing (no snarky remarks please Tiffany). I'm doing just great. I really love my schedule this semester. Hugs and good wishes to everyone! :)

Mood: chipperchipper
Music: Running- No Doubt
Vanessa [userpic]

I figure I might as well share my schedule with everyone.

Period 1: French 2
Period 2: Honors English 2
Period 3: Honors American History 1
Period 4: Lunch
Period 5: Biology
Period 6: Geometry
Period 7: Study Hall
Period 8: PE 2

I'm off to work on my poetry. Goodnight everyone.

Mood: creativecreative
Music: These Words- Natasha Bedingfield
Charlotte Johanssen [userpic]

Here's my schedule for the year:

Period 1: Honors Pre-Calculus
Period 2: Honors English 2
Period 3: Honors American History 1
Period 4: Lunch
Period 5: Spanish 2
Period 6: Honors Chemistry
Period 7: Study Hall
Period 8: PE 2

So far I really like everything except for PE. Why do we have to keep taking it? I get plenty of exercise at home without having dodgeballs thrown at my head.

sporty_abby [userpic]

to musical_anna
from sporty_abby

Subject: yo


Watchoo upto? What's the most interesting thing that has happened to you since you got back to Yale? How's your new roommate? How does it feel to share a school with Barbara Bush and Claire Danes? Talk to me!


Erica Blumberg [userpic]

has anyone else noticed girls cause a lot of drama
thats why i love my boys.
boys just dont get involved with drama.
you guys are smart.


Mood: sleepysleepy
Music: Laguna Beach (lame i know stfu)
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